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About Us

Asian Runway was first launched in 2008 and has grown strength to strength since. Paul Sagoo CEO of Lemon Group and co founder of The Asian Awards founded Asian Runway.

In 2011, Paul’s sister, Aasha Sagoo came on board as a Director of Asian Runway and has been helping to launch the Asian Runway Academy and bring new projects and ideas to the business. We are constantly trying to work on other projects and have had huge success in the past years; we update our employees regularly during team briefs.

Our future goal is to influence the mainstream market and encourage our models to be a success in that market.

Not all models get work as it is dependent on the client’s requirements however we put all models forward that meet the clients look.

We have many clients and in all parts of the world requiring all types of talent and we represent a host of talented and high in demand models and artists, many of whom have been featured in films, advertising, fashion shows, magazine shoots, TV, commercials as well as doing promotional work and a host of other jobs our clients specify. swimming pool enclosures uk

We are proud of the hard work and dedication our models and the Asian Runway Team have put in and will continue to do so.